About Start Autokool

Start Driving School offers many programs and locations to get you the instructions you need. Whether it be first time driving instruction, we offer the flexibility and professional instructions that you expect. Our commitment to the community is to provide our students a quality educational experience using the most innovative techniques in driver education. Start School is fully licensed and certified by the Estonian Transport Administration. Customer satisfaction and professional instruction is our top priority. Driving with Start Driving School is not just about gaining a Driving licence- it’s about learning an essential skill for life and doing it the right way.
We have a mission not just teach you safe driving skills and pass your exam. We specialize in providing hands on teaching how to drive confidently, economically and be able to deal with different situations on a road. To deliver on this, we offer many courses that fulfils your needs and help you while getting license.

Meet our team

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License nr: ÕT004711
My name is Vadim, and I am the founder of Start Driving School. I have been passionate about driving since a young age, and I decided to join this industry to share my passion with others. My vision for teaching driving is unique, and I am inspired by motorcycling. Personally, I am a fan of motorsports and wanted to build my own dream team.


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License nr: ÕT005788
Juri is experienced driving instructor who teaches individuals how to drive a vehicle safely and confidently. He typically possess a professional driving qualificcation, and have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide effective training to students. Assesses the student's driving abilities, develops a training plan, provides hands-on lessons to help the student improve their driving skills and also provide guidance on traffic laws and rules, and helps students prepare for the driving test. Have the ability to remain calm and handle nervous or inexperienced drivers.
Juri Kiur
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License nr: ÕT005297
Never give up is the motto of life. Through years of management and staff experience, I guarantee an approach to everyone. The various upgrades that decorate my portfolio will provide an individual, modern approach to each student, taking into account its needs and specificities. Hard work will necessarily lead to a positive outcome. I like to be an assistant and mentor in a labor-intensive way of learning.


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License nr: ÕT005303
A well-balanced, patient and kind teacher. Individual approach, tolerance and explanation in accessible form, without complex terms. Years of driving and teaching experience will provide the student with a wealth of knowledge needed to drive under different road and weather conditions, as well as a solution to unconventional road situations. Several thousand positive results of the examinations, as well as positive feedback from students and examiners, guarantee the professorship of the teacher. Don't you? Come and make sure.
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Pavel Larin

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License nr: ÕT005789

Services delivered by our instructors

Regular driving lessons

Driving Lessons need no explanation. Passing your practical driving test safely is the aim you should have. Let us worry about keeping you safe on the road and preparing you to the highest standard possible, so you can pass your driving test the first time.

Intensive driving lessons

When your time is limited or your determination is high, intensive driving lessons are ideal; we can help you prepare for your test sooner! Intensive driving lessons everything from 7 days to 12 weeks in duration.

Refresher driving lessons

Have you allowed your driving skills to lapse? Or do you want to re-affirm the good practices of your past driving lessons? Refresher driving lessons are perfect for drivers who’ve passed their driving test but haven’t driven for an extended period of time.

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